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So Where was Madame Blanc Filmed?

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Dom (Steve Edge) Meets Baldrick or should I say Tony Robinson in a scene from the Christmas special aired on Channel 5 on the 23rd of December 2022

The series was shot on the islands of Malta and mainly Gozo while being primarily set in France.

Sally Lindsay acknowledges that she had her doubts about filming in Malta at first: "We were going to film in France, but it proved to be very difficult to do that.

Gozo was proposed by Channel 5, but I wasn't convinced... Because it was on my father's bucket list, I visited Malta a few years ago. The region we visited resembled Spain more so than the South of France.

We took the ferry to Gozo, but upon arrival, it only took a little distance for us to feel as though we had travelled to the South of France. It appeared to be France, according to even our French performers!

In regards to transforming Malta into the South of France, producer Andy Morgan says, "I was always convinced that we could construct Sainte Victoire on Gozo. I immediately felt at home as soon as I stepped foot in the nearby square.

We had a church, a police station, and a bar; if you use creative framing, add some store signs and French vehicles to the scene, and you'll be there.

"Simple things like that work extremely well," said the actor, "and when shooting we would close the square so that we could drive cars on the other side of the road."

Why Not Visit Gozo for a Tour of the filming locations or a relaxing Holiday in a Traditional Gozo Farmhouse..

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