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Move to Gozo

Why You Should Consider Moving to Gozo

All About Gozo & Property for Sale

Property for Sale in Gozo

Gozo is only a 30-minute boat ride from Malta, but it seems light years distant. The island's pastoral setting and lush vegetation give it an air of antiquity that defies the passage of time. The island of Gozo is populated by picturesque towns and windmills, all of which are within easy reach of the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. This area is also home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Ġgantija temples, dating back to 3600 BC. Being a window into a simpler way of life, here you may enjoy hiking, snorkeling, and seeing the island's many historical landmarks. Gozo, with its easygoing vibe and beautiful surroundings, is a must-visit for anybody looking for a real taste of the Mediterranean.

When it comes to property for sale in Gozo, most people look to Victoria. The structures nestled in the tiny passageways are some of the oldest on the island and date back centuries. These gorgeous palazzos, townhouses, and post-war edifices are rarely for sale, but when they are, they are highly sought-after. Nearly all of the recently constructed homes and apartments now on the market or available for lease are found on the outskirts of major cities. These apartment complexes have all the modern comforts and conveniences, but they lack the personality and history of Victoria's older structures. Depending on what you're looking for, Gozo is full of properties offered for sale that can satisfy your demands.

Gozo, a tiny island that seems like it was stuck in a time warp, is supposedly one of the Mediterranean's best-kept secrets. A world of lush green fields, soaring church spires, and quiet towns dot this oceanic landscape. According to popular belief, Gozo is the same island that Homer describes as Ogygia in the Odyssey. In Homer's Odyssey, Odysseus is held captive for seven years by the nymph Calypso on this island.

But Gozo's history stretches considerably deeper, with traces of human occupancy stretching back thousands of years. A group from Sicily arrived circa 5000 BC and established the first permanent settlements on the island. Evidence from digs in Gozo suggests it was inhabited before nearby Malta. Gozo's history is shaped by the many cultures who have called the island home over the millennia. Gozo is a historical hotspot, brimming with everything from temples from the Ggantija period to Baroque cathedrals built by the Order of St. John. Visitors are still awed by this island's remarkable combination of historical significance, cultural richness, and stunning natural scenery.

Facilities in the Neighborhood
The island of Gozo is a Mediterranean treasure that is often overlooked in favor of Malta. The island is a wonderful place to get away from the stresses of everyday life and reconnect with nature. Gozo is a picture-perfect spot to call home, what with its beautiful shores and quaint towns.

And Victoria is the place to go for a taste of quaint, laid-back rural living. In the capital, you may get just about anything you need, as the city has numerous stores and restaurants catering to every taste. This is the most populous settlement on the island and the economic and political hub. Many cultural institutions can be found in the neighborhood as well. Though diminutive in stature, Victoria plays a significant role in Gozo's history and present.

However, there is much to see and do outside of the nation's capital. Marsalforn, on the island of Gozo, is a stunning place to visit. Its beaches are the town's main draw, as they are perfect for water sports including swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The Blue Hole and Inland Sea are the places to be for people in search of excitement. An thrilling and unforgettable dive may be had in either location due to the large number of sunken boats and other underwater attractions.

On the island of Gozo, buses serve as the main mode of public transportation. Buses leave every hour in both directions on the 15 different routes. You can always count on these times, no matter the day of the week or the season. The Gozo network map and a basic bus schedule are only two examples of the extra details that can be accessed on the Malta Public Transport website. Locals and tourists alike rely heavily on the Gozo bus system because it provides such a great value for getting across the island.

Having a car is ideal if you plan to buy property in Gozo. This will allow you to go around the island at your leisure, without worrying about catching buses or shelling out money for taxis. And since the traffic on the island is not as frenetic as that in Malta, driving can be a breeze.

Events and Celebrations

Gozo hosts a diverse calendar

of events each year because of the island's rich cultural and historical heritage. Carnival activities and Easter are some of the most major festivals of Gozo, bringing visitors from all over the world. Arts and crafts festivals and agricultural fairs are held throughout the summer to celebrate the island's heritage and draw visitors.

Live music is also a prominent aspect of Gozitan culture, and various festivals exhibit both traditional and contemporary music. The Gozo Wine Festival is another famous event, where visitors may try some of the greatest wines on the island while enjoying live musical entertainment. Whatever the time of year, you're likely to find an event that interests you here.

Common Square Meter Cost
Buying real estate in Gozo is a requirement if you're seeking for a more peaceful and natural place to call home. Gozo is the ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of contemporary life, whether you wish to unwind on one of the countless sandy beaches or discover the island's hidden coves.


Interesting Sights
Gozo is Malta's smaller sister island, and it's every bit as beautiful as Malta itself. This island paradise has everything for everyone, from bustling cities to breathtaking beaches and cliffs and natural scenery. If you've got your heart set on buying a home in Gozo, these are some of the best attractions to visit once you get here:

Structures Known as Ggantija Temples
Everyone who visits Gozo Island should make a point to check out the Ggantija Temples. These magnificent temples date back to between 3600 and 2500 BC, making them among of the oldest man-made monuments in the world. Moreover, the temples are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, signifying their outstanding cultural and historical significance. The temples' preservation is very remarkable, given their age.

The fertility goddess worshiped in these temples presided over ceremonies and rituals associated with the giving and receiving of life. The Ggantija Temples are an impressive architectural feat, with a maze of interconnected rooms and courtyards and walls constructed entirely of enormous stone slabs. The Ggantija Temples are a must-see for any newcomer to Gozo due to their remarkable size and rich history.

A Citadel
The Cittadella is an impressive feat of human engineering and a fascinating window into the past. The history of this walled city is buried in mystery, but it is obvious that it has seen and survived much throughout the years. It has been the scene of success and tragedy, as well as repeated capture and retaking by a variety of cultures. Its continued existence today is a tribute to the perseverance of the human spirit and a reflection of Gozo's rich and eventful past. If you want to learn more about the history of this tiny island, a trip to the Cittadella is a must.

Place of Ramla, or Ramla Bay
Beautiful Ramla Bay can be found on the island of Gozo. This beach is a favorite among both visitors and residents thanks to its bright red sand and glistening waves. A plunge in the bay's warm waters first thing in the morning is the ideal way to experience the area's peacefulness. Thereafter, you may visit one of the many neighboring eateries or stores for a quick bite to eat or a cold drink to help you cool down.

A Residence in Xlendi
Xlendi is a tiny fishing community on Gozo Island's southeast coast. All the conveniences of modern life are here, together with a pleasant, old-school coastal vibe. The walkways that surround the mountains and the strolls through the charming side lanes are two of the most popular things to do by guests. Though Xlendi's beautiful coral reefs make it a popular spot for lounging on beach chairs during the day, the island's residents also recommend it for scuba diving and snorkeling.

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