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Madame Blanc in Gozo (Malta) Christmas Special

Madame Blanc spends Christmas in Gozo! 

What we know about the second season of The Madame Blanc Mysteries, including the Christmas episode's filming, premiere, cast, and story, as well as an exclusive interview with series creator Robert Irwin.

Well here in Gozo we know a lot more than most about the Madame Blanc as it was not filmed in the South of France but here on our Island of Gozo.

In the second season of The Madame Blanc Mysteries, Sally Lindsay returns as the expat antiques expert.

Cast of the second season of the Madame Blanc Mysteries Christmas special, from left to right: Margeaux Lampley as Celine, Aonghus Weber as Niall, Sue Vincent as Gloria (dressed as a Christmas cracker), Steve Edge as Dom, Sally Lindsay as Jean, Robin Askwith as Jeremy (dressed as a fancy dress Santa Costume), and Sue Holderness as Judith (dressed as Mrs Claus). They're in front of a staged version of a neighborhood bar that's been decorated for the holidays.

The second series season of The Madame Blanc Mysteries, complete with a Christmas Special episode, is on its way to televisions.

At the end of the first season of the Madame Blanc Mysteries, Jean White (Sally Lindsay) found out that her husband had died in a car crash on his way back from an antique-buying trip to the picturesque village of Sainte Victoire in the south of France, and that his shady financial dealings had left her penniless.

Jean went to Sainte Victoire (Gozo) to figure out what happened to her husband despite her fear of flying and her inability to speak French. Once there, she made friends with the locals and even aided the police chief, Caron (Alex Gaumond), in his investigations by lending his knowledge of antiques.

What we know about the new show is below. (Spoiler Alert!) 

The return of The Madame Blanc Mysteries and its Christmas holiday episode will premiere on

Thursday, December 22 at 9pm, Channel 5 in the UK will telecast a Christmas special of the series Madame Blanc Mysteries. The second season premieres on Thursday, January 5 at 9 p.m. on Channel 5.

On Acorn TV, fans of The Madame Blanc Mysteries can watch it from anywhere in the world. Season two premieres in 2023, but you can watch the Christmas special on Acorn TV this December.

During the holiday season, Dom (Steve Edge) and Jean (Sally Lindsay) can be found at the Sainte Victoire town square admiring the enormous Christmas tree that stands in the centre of the square and is illuminated by numerous lights.

When the Christmas Special rolls around, will Dom (Steve Edge) and Jean (Sally Lindsay) have a good time?

Performers from season 2 of "The Madame Blanc Mysteries"

A Gozo Madam Blanc Christmas Special

Sally Lindsay, the show's creator and co-writer, reprises her role as Jean White, while Sue Vincent, who also contributed to the show's creation, plays Gloria, the local mechanic, in the second season. Taxi driver and Jean BFF Steve Edge is back as Dom, and the Lloyd James couple, Judith (Sue Holderness) and Jeremy (Robin Askwith), are back as well because they are affluent expats.

Jean's fellow antiques expert Charlie Brodeur (Sancia McCormack) and his wife Simone (Djinda Kane) return as do Alex Gaumond as Chief Caron of Police, Aonghus Weber as the town's publican Niall, Margeaux Lampley as Celine (a former Eurovision contestant), and Olivia Caffrey as the treacherous Barbara.

The town square features Niall (Aonghus Weber) and his wife Celine (Margeaux Lampley). Niall has one arm around Celine's shoulder and is clutching a small antique box in the other. He's planting a passionate kiss on her scalp.

The season 2 cast of Madame Blanc's Mysteries

The second season of Sainte Victoire will include an all-star cast visiting Jean and the group.

From left to right: Tony Robinson (Blackadder), Lee Boardman (Enola Holmes 2), Jennifer James (Coronation Street), and Julia Montgomery Brown (London Has Fallen) Clelia Murphy, a Season 1 regular, will be making a comeback appearance (Fair City) - Season One's Harriet Thorpe Makes a Return Appearance (Absolutely Fabulous)

This is Les Dennis, by the way (Coronation Street)


David A. Ames (Holby City)
"- Alexander Newland (Leopoldstadt)
From Season 1: Paul Chuckle (ChuckleVision), Clive Russell, Jacqueline Boatswain, and a new guest star to be announced (Carnival Row)

Mysteries Regarding Madame Blanc Storyline for Annual Christmas Special TV Movie

Jean can't wait to celebrate Christmas with her new friends in Sainte Victoire, and Dom's uncle Patrick is coming to town to join in on the festivities. However, tensions are rising...

Andre Caron, the chief of police, is under suspicion for the savage death of his wife. Inspector Gauthier, leading the investigation, has a vengeance against Caron and is determined to see him brought to justice. Caron begs Jean to clear his name in the international art trade, and she is immediately drawn into a murky world where nothing is as it seems. Do you think Jean will be able to convince Inspector Gauthier that Caron is not the killer?

Jean (Sally Lindsay) and Chief Caron (Alex Gaumond) have a meeting in front of the Christmas tree in the town center. His expression is one of clear terror.

Chief of Police Caron (Alex Gaumond) is in legal trouble. Picture from Channel 5
Meanwhile, Jeremy and Judith are putting on a Christmas Grotto to benefit the Sainte Victoire Theatre, and Dom's uncle Patrick and his grandson Archie are in town for the holiday.

When Uncle Patrick visits Sainte Victoire, he discovers that the locals offer lots of opportunities to return to his former lifestyle as a career thief. Jeremy and Judith's catastrophic grotto distracts everyone in La Couronne, so nobody notices when Uncle Patrick steals Celine's music box, the last thing she has left of her father.

In the wake of the failure of their Christmas Grotto, Gloria convinces Jeremy and Judith to organize a Secret Santa in order to generate funds for the theater. On Christmas Eve, everyone gathers in La Couronne to give and receive gifts.

Dom's unintentional disclosure of Archie's grandfather's time behind bars shocks Archie, but finding out that Uncle Patrick took the music box from him is much more upsetting. Is there still time for Archie to get him back on track before Christmas?

Episode guide for the second season of "The Madame Blanc Mysteries"

The first episode airs on [22 December 2022]. Second Part of the Christmas Episode (January 5, 2023) Jean and Charlie's grand opening for their antique shop is cut short when they learn that their friend Jeremy has been arrested. On the deck of his and Judith's cabin cruiser, they discovered the body of a young woman. Judith asks Jean for aid, convinced that Jeremy had an affair and murdered his mistress. Only a Victorian comb found in the pocket of the deceased woman provides any kind of clue. Will Jean be able to determine whodunit and help Jeremy regain Judith's favour?

An interview with Sally Lindsay for the next holiday episode of The Madame Blanc Mysteries
In your opinion, what will the Christmas episode be like?

"For the holidays, nothing beats a spot on television. I think Christmas television is a wonderful tradition that should be celebrated every year and cherished as a national gift. Even if you have no money at all, you can still give yourself a present by turning on the television.

Making my own Christmas special was thrilling because it incorporated everything I love about the holiday season, including Christmas trees, decorations, and a murder mystery. But the Christmas spirit is all there—a choir, gifts, the works. It's a happy ending that'll make you smile, and it takes place in the sunshine (not the snow).

A memorable part of the experience was the first time I saw the square all decked out. There's a 35-foot tree in front of this gorgeous church, and I have to admit that it gave me a knot in my throat. It was like a world I'd never imagined before suddenly materializing before my eyes. It left me gasping for air."

Niall (Aonghus Weber), Celine (Margeaux Lampley), Dom (Steve Edge), Jean (Sally Lindsay), Gloria (Sue Vincent), dressed as a Christmas cracker, Caron (Alex Gaumond), Gendarme Richard (Jacqueline Berces), Judith (Sue Holderness), and Jeremy (Robin Askwith), dressed as Santa Claus, all stand around the beautifully lit and decorated Christmas tree in the town square.

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