Gozo Property For Sale

Gozo is beautifully tranquil and picturesque, and it is in complete contrast to the busy life in Malta. As a result. Gozo has been a popular holiday home destination for many Maltese and foreign visitors over many years, who love to escape across the Gozo Channel to Gozo for the weekend or longer.

With the new Gozo Fast Ferry Services between Gozo and Valletta Malta, in just 45 minutes, you can have the best of all the Gozitan worlds.

The property market in Gozo has in recent years been good, and property bought in Gozo is, in our opinion, a good investment. Gozo has a  wide range of properties available for everyone's taste and budget, and your Investment should go further than in Malta, making Gozo the perfect place to search for the home of your dreams.

Gozo property prices are still very reasonable compared with Malta. 

Reasons to Buy a Property in Gozo

There are many good reasons to buy property in Gozo. The growing economy and steady influx of people to Malta and Gozo create a very buoyant property market. 

Purchasing a home in Gozo can be a great return on Investment. 

Return on Investment can depend on the type of Gozo Property you purchase, anywhere between 5% to 8% if you intend to rent the property throughout the year. These figures do not include the capital appreciation of your Gozo Property.

However, the main reason that most people would search for a home in Gozo is that you fall in love with Gozo. Such as many famous personalities have. Sir Billy Connolly, for example.

Gozo had been unchanged for many years. The slow pace of life and breathtaking natural beauty makes Gozo the perfect place to spend time and possibly your retirement. 

Buying a Property in Gozo the rules as an EU and non-EU citizen

The process of buying property in Gozo and Malta is easy and safe for foreign buyers worldwide. However, many people have decided that once they fall in love with the beautiful Gozitan scenery and laid back lifestyle, there is no better place to live.

Suppose you are a citizen of the European Union and have been resident in Malta and Gozo continually for five years. In that case, you may freely purchase more than one property without the need for a permit.

 If you are an EU citizen but have not resided in Malta for at least five years, you also do not require a permit under Chapter 246 – as long as you intend to purchase your primary residence (set up home in Malta and Gozo). 

If you originate from outside the EU, there are different rules. 

There is a minimum price that you must pay for a property in Malta and  Gozo to be granted an AIP (Acquisition of Immovable Property) permit, which will enable you to buy a property in Gozo. However, the minimum price varies according to the type of property—more details on request. AIPs are granted by the Ministry of Finance and can take 6-8 weeks to be issued.

Different Types of Property in Gozo

There is a wide range of properties available for sale in Gozo. 

Many people have been attracted to Gozo over the years for its traditional townhouses and farmhouses. Large numbers have been expertly converted over the years to provide modern facilities and often private swimming pools.


Apartments are widely available across Gozo and are always a popular option as they offer greater affordability and easy maintenance.  


Gozo maisonettes offer the convenience of apartment living with the benefit of independent access to the property. Prevalent across Malta and Gozo, maisonettes – like apartments – are more significant buildings but have their front door.


There are many charming examples in the fishing villages along the coast of Gozo, most notably Marsalforn and Xlendi. 

Gozitan townhouses are characterised by the traditional Maltese balcony and often enjoy a small garden. Gozitan Town Houses offer you space and privacy and a convenient location often close to the amenities.

Gozo Houses of Character and Age

Gozitan houses of character and age can date back as much as 500 years, and, thanks to their age and traditional architecture and original features, they can make fantastic homes. 

Whether you are looking to find a property that will need a great deal of work or hope to find something which has already seen an extensive renovation, there is a range of houses of character available with Gozo Direct. The result will likely be a different, charming property that can grow and be a great investment over the years.


Gozitan farmhouses are arguably the most desirable properties on the island of Gozo. Often hundreds of years old, many have been subject to renovation over the past few years, offering all the benefits of modern living along with all the charm and tradition of Gozo Farm House heritage. You'll find they have many beautiful original features, stone walls, rustic staircases and can also be significant, with room for a swimming pool and gardens, perfect for entertaining.

Gozo New Developments

On Gozo, there are plenty of new developments which are very sympathetic to the history and the natural surroundings. 

Happily, there is a desire on Gozo to ensure that building development is thoughtful and environmentally aware. Gozo Direct Property will Help you decide which Building development would be a good investment and, more importantly, a Gozo Home for you and your family.