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Holidays & Short Lets in Gozo

A Holiday in Gozo offers its visitors an altogether different experience. Gozo (or Ghawdex, as the locals call it) is an island off the coast of Malta known for its distinct environment and atmosphere.

This little island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea is famous for its picturesque settlements, verdant hills, and bloody old past. For those who want to unwind in tranquility, this is the place to go. Therefore, a vacation to Gozo will be filled with exciting opportunities.

Even though Gozo is smaller than Malta, it nonetheless offers a wide variety of tourist attractions and activities to do on your holiday.

Gozo is a great place to go if you want to slow down and enjoy a more calm holiday.

The island of Gozo is immersed in beautiful greenery once spring arrives. Its vibrant natural colors make for picturesque backdrops to the region's many amazing tourist attractions. Making it a Holiday to remember.

Gozo is home to more than simply rural communities and plantations; the island is also replete with cultural and historical landmarks, such as forts, the Citadel in Victoria, the oldest freestanding and best-preserved preserved pre-historic temples, and the famous Calypso's grotto.

Comino well worth a visit on your holiday.

With little or no traffic, few inhabitants, and a single hotel, the island of Comino is the perfect place to get away from it all. The island's primary feature, the blue waters of the Blue Lagoon, are a refuge for divers and snorkelers, and the swimming is excellent. The ideal vacation for a trip to several different islands.

So all in all Gozo is the perfect Holiday destination.

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