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Living in Gozo

10 Reasons to Live in Gozo by Anthony Reed

10 Reasons to Live or Move to Gozo

10 Reasons To Live in Gozo


Gozo is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, located 60 kilometers (37 miles) to the east of the coast of Malta. The island has a population of about 40,000 and is the second-largest island in the Maltese archipelago. Gozo's landscape is dominated by low hills with terraced fields and rugged cliffs along its coasts. The climate is temperate Mediterranean on the coast, more continental with hot summers inland.

1. Gozo is safer than Malta

  • Gozo is safer than Malta

The crime rate on Gozo is lower than that of Malta, and the island has a better reputation for safety. It's a great place to raise children, or if you're elderly and want to live in peace and quiet. There are fewer accidents on Gozo than there are on the mainland, so it's easier to find parking spaces (which also means less traffic). Public transport runs more efficiently as well, so getting around town won't take up too much time from your day!

2. You get more for your money in Gozo

  • Gozo is cheaper than Malta.

While Malta is one of the most developed countries in Europe, it can be quite expensive to live there. The average monthly salary of a Maltese citizen is around EUR 1,500 but this does not account for housing costs and other expenses such as food and transportation. In Gozo, however, you can get more bang for your buck! Your money will go much further here because it's a less developed island with fewer amenities so there aren't as many things to spend money on. For example: if you want to eat out at night or take taxis around town instead of walking (which is encouraged), it won't cost nearly as much here as it would on Malta; plus all the locals are friendly so they'll invite you over for dinner anyway!

3. The food is heavenly

  • The food is fresh, local and healthy.

  • There are many different kinds of delicious food to try.

  • It's plentiful, cheap and diverse! You can find just about anything here in Gozo that you would find on the mainland--only with a unique twist!

4. It's easier to find parking in Gozo

Parking in Gozo is easier to find, cheaper and more convenient than on the mainland. You can park your car for free or for a very low price in most places, and there are plenty of spaces available. (Generally)

There are four main reasons why you'll find parking in Gozo to be so much easier:

  • The island is smaller than Malta and has fewer cars on it;

  • There's less traffic on the roads since most people live close together;

  • It doesn't take long to get anywhere on the island by foot or bicycle (which makes it ideal for walking tours);

5. Gozo is cheaper and safer for pets

  • Gozo is cheaper and safer for pets

If you're planning to bring your furry friend along with you on vacation, Gozo is the place to go. There are plenty of pet-friendly hotels and restaurants that cater specifically to four-legged guests--and many beaches welcome dogs as well!

6. The climate is milder in Gozo than on the mainland

The climate in Gozo is milder than on the mainland, especially during summer. The average temperature of an average day of July is 28 degrees Celsius (82F).

In winter, it gets a bit colder, with temperatures dropping to around 22 degrees Celsius (72F) but this is still higher than Malta's average of 16C for December and January.

7. The people are friendlier in Gozo

The people are friendlier in Gozo. They're more relaxed, less stressed out and open to striking up a conversation with a stranger.

Gozitans are happy to help out if you need directions or assistance with anything else while you're there.

8. You can easily commute between Malta and Gozo if you work on both islands

If you work on both islands, it's easy to commute between them. Gozo is closer to Malta than any of the other islands and there are ferries and buses that run frequently throughout the day. You can even drive over if you have a car!

9. There are more water sports in Gozo than on the main island of Malta

There are more water sports in Gozo than on the main island of Malta. This is because Gozo is more rural and therefore more suitable for water sports, with beautiful beaches to enjoy as well. You can find information about your favourite water sport online and book it directly at your accommodation!

10. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful, so make sure to bring a camera!

There are many reasons why you should live in Gozo, but the scenery is one of the best. The island is full of beautiful sights: from its rugged coastline to its lush greenery and colorful houses, Gozo has it all! If you're looking for a place where you can take pictures that will make your friends jealous (or even just post them on social media), then this might be just the place for you.


So there you have it! If you're looking for a new home and want to try something different from Malta, then Gozo might be the place for you. It has everything that Malta does (and more) with less crowds and lower prices. So what are you waiting for?

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