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Gozo Holiday Guide

January 2, 2023 at 1:07:29 AM
The Ultimate Travel Guide to Gozo 

Time of Last Revision: October 16th, 2022

Gozo is one of those countries that few tourists visit. While many Europeans visit during the summer, the rest of the world tends to focus on other countries in Europe.

There has been a recent uptick in tourists visiting the country (those British retirees were onto something!), but it is still relatively unknown.

My time in Gozo is fantastic. Warm weather, lovely (if a touch dated) cities, and magnificent medieval villages and castles are just some of the highlights of this tiny island nation.

Because of its location between Africa and Europe, the island of Gozo is home to a fascinating cultural melting pot. As you travel about, you will see that the cuisine, language, culture, and architecture all have strong Italian, English, and North African influences.

Not only are the beaches and seafood here superior, but they are also far cheaper than they would be on the European mainland.

Use this guide to Gozo to get the most out of your visit to Malta's lesser-known island. Gozo

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