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Short or Long Let Gozo?

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Long & Short Lets in Gozo Malta

Long and Short Letting Options in Malta

Consider the difference between short-term and long-term rentals when looking for a rental property in Malta or Gozo.

When searching for a rental property or vacation rental in Malta, one of the first things to address is the type of rental agreement desired. Specifically, do you prefer a long or short lease?

Obviously, a variety of factors will influence this response. These include your motivations for renting a property in Malta, your desired lifestyle, and your final goals for this adventure. We've broken down what it means to short let and long let a property in Malta so that you can make an informed decision.

What's the difference between long and short lets?

Examining the distinction between short-term and long-term rentals is a fantastic place to begin. By law, a property rented on a long-term basis in Malta must be rented for a minimum of one year. In actuality, though, any tenancy agreement lasting more than six months is considered a long let.

Why Use Short Leases?

Many people believe that short-term rentals are reserved exclusively for vacationers. That might contain some truth. At many instances, it is less expensive and more private than staying in a hotel. Also, how often have you requested the front desk for a certain amenity or a room with a view, only to be told that none are available?

Short-term rentals, such as an apartment for rent in Malta or a villa for rent in Gozo, circumvent all of this by allowing you to choose exactly what you want from the property and allowing you to enjoy a more real local experience by living in the community.

However, short-term rentals are not exclusively for tourists. As we shall see, there are numerous additional reasons to consider a short let.

Short-term leases provide flexibility.

In this digital age, when it is possible to work from anywhere with a laptop, the number of mobile workers is increasing. From consultants on short-term contracts to digital entrepreneurs that travel from nation to country, short-term rentals provide the freedom to relocate as needed.

This also applies to interns and students studying in Malta for a single semester or a limited term.

Short-term leases as temporary housing

er selling a property before moving into a new residence. This could be for any variety of reasons, including the fact that the new property is undergoing construction or restoration. A short-term lease allows you to live comfortably while your new home is being constructed.

Short-term rentals as a seasonal or transient residence

Malta enjoys warm, sunny summers and gorgeous beaches. Renting a summer home is particularly common among expatriates.

Moving to Malta and wanting to try out a new neighborhood or municipality before committing to a long-term lease in that region can also benefit from short-term rentals. You can move into your short-term rental and utilize it as a home base while you look for your permanent residence.

What about Long-Term Leases?

Locals and individuals wishing to reside in Malta for an extended period of time prefer long-term rentals. Let's examine why you might want to consider renting a property in Malta or Gozo for an extended period (long let).

Long-term leases as a first house

A long let is a terrific choice for those who want to live on their own for the first time but cannot afford to purchase a home in Malta or Gozo. It's a terrific method for young people to experience the responsibilities of living on their own while working towards being able to afford a bank loan for a housing deposit.

An alternative to home ownership

In certain situations, a long-term lease is preferable to purchasing a home. The monthly rent can be less than the interest rate on a mortgage, and the renter does not need to worry about upkeep expenditures, as the landlord handles everything.

3. Long lets have benefits

Let's begin with the monthly rent, which is less for long-term leases than for short-term leases. A long-term lease also provides the assurance of having a home for at least a year.

Additionally, there is a greater number of long-let properties than short-let properties on the rental market in Malta, so you'll have a broader selection of properties to pick from.

Comparing brief and extended lets

Anyone seeking to rent a house in Malta will presumably already have an idea of whether they require a long-term or short-term lease.

Long-term leases are less expensive in terms of rent, but they do not include utility expenses (such as water, electricity, and internet), which must be paid in addition to the monthly rent. Typically, vacation rentals and short-term leases are all-inclusive, which could account for their higher relative rent.

There may be cleaning fees associated with short-term rentals, but this would be fully mentioned in the rental agreement.

Malta lettings agent

To put it succinctly (pardon the pun), you must determine which sort of lease best suits your lifestyle. Then, your GOZO DIRECT lettings agent will be able to assist you identify the ideal rental property for your lifestyle.

Don't be hesitant to ask questions or explore the available possibilities for both long and short lets. Our property management staff has access to the largest database of rental housing in Malta.

Each of our rental agents is an expert in their profession and will gladly assist you in selecting the ideal property.

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