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Gozo Direct Film Location Agency

Spotlight on Gozo: The Perfect Film Location with

Gozo Direct Film Locations


Welcome to the enchanting island of Gozo, a Mediterranean jewel noted for its awe-inspiring landscapes and fascinating historical landmarks. This idyllic backdrop has captivated the hearts of many film production teams, making Gozo a rising star in the international film industry. Today, we extend a unique invitation to you - if you're a property owner in Gozo, you could have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to showcase your location on a global scale with Gozo Direct Film Locations.

Gozo: The Island Star of the Silver Screen

Gozo has a rich history of gracing the silver screen in Hollywood blockbusters and international films, thanks to its captivating blend of natural beauty,

architectural gems, and diverse landscapes. It has served as a picturesque setting for notable productions such as "By the Sea," starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, the UK television series "Madame Blanc," now in its third series, and of course, the epic "Game of Thrones," where Gozo was transformed into the mythical Dothraki Sea.

With its rugged coastline, pristine azure blue waters, countryside dotted with traditional stone farmhouses, narrow lanes, and ancient temples, it’s clear why Gozo’s photogenic charm is irresistible to film location scouts in search of that perfect scene.

Gozo Direct Film Locations: Connecting Gozo and Hollywood

In recognising Gozo's potential as an idyllic filming location, we've launched Gozo Direct Film Locations. We specialise in showcasing the best that Gozo has to offer to the film and television industry worldwide. Our mission is to build a bridge between property owners in Gozo and international production companies seeking unique, breathtaking settings for their projects.

Register Your Property: Be a Part of the Cinematic Odyssey

This is your opportunity to be a part of Gozo's cinematic story. If you own a property in Gozo, regardless of its size, style or age, you can register it with Gozo Direct Film Locations. We are interested in all types of properties, from rustic farmhouses to sleek, modern villas, from hidden beaches to towering cliffs, and from bustling market squares to serene temples.

By registering your property with us, it could attract the attention of film location scouts from across the globe. This opens up the possibility of an exciting financial return and also allows you to contribute to Gozo's growing reputation in the global film industry.

Why Register With Gozo Direct Film Locations?

Listing your property with Gozo Direct Film Locations means gaining exposure to a global network of film and television professionals. Moreover, we offer guidance and support throughout the entire process, ensuring any production activity respects your property and brings you financial rewards.

Joining our registry could open the door to incredible possibilities. Your property could become the next cinematic sensation, following in the footsteps of the Azure Window, which gained worldwide recognition through "Game of Thrones."


How to Register Your Property

Registering your property with Gozo Direct Film Locations is simple and hassle-free. Visit our website and follow the 'Register Your Property' link. You'll need to provide a brief description of the property, its unique features, and upload some clear, high-quality photographs. Our dedicated team will review your submission and get in touch to discuss the next steps. Click on the register your property button below to make an appointment and discuss registering your property with Gozo Direct Film Locations. 

Depending on the size of the property ther will be a one off charge for the photographing and tregistering of your property. Plus there is a negotiable commision charge if your property is chosen by the film company to be a featured Gozo Film location. 



Gozo, often dubbed as the 'Hollywood of the Mediterranean,' eagerly awaits your contribution to its cinematic journey. Don’t miss the chance to spotlight your property to the world. Register with Gozo Direct Film Locations today and play a part in the next blockbuster filmed in Gozo. Your property might just become a location that future film buffs will travel miles to visit.

Anthony Reed from Gozo Direct has already scouted many locations for the Madame Blanc Mysteries Season 3 starring Sally Lindsay, your property could be next. 

There are number of UK & USA productions planned for Gozo in the comming few years so don't miss out of a good income for your property. 

Register Today! 

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