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Madame Blanc Christmas Series 2 Filmed in Gozo

What we know about the second season of The Madame Blanc Mysteries, including the Christmas episode's filming, premiere, cast, and story, as well as an exclusive interview with series creator Robert Irwin.​

Well, here in Gozo we know a lot more than most about Madame Blanc as it was not filmed in the South of France but here on our Island of Gozo.

In the second season of The Madame Blanc Mysteries, Sally Lindsay returns as the expat antique expert.

The cast of the second season of the Madame Blanc Mysteries Christmas special, is Margeaux Lampley as Celine, Aonghus Weber as Niall, Sue Vincent as Gloria (dressed as a Christmas cracker), Steve Edge as Dom, Sally Lindsay as Jean, Robin Askwith as Jeremy (dressed as a fancy dress Santa Costume), and Sue Holderness as Judith (dressed as Mrs. Claus). They're in front of a staged version of a neighbourhood bar that's been decorated for the holidays.

​The second series season of The Madame Blanc Mysteries, complete with a Christmas holiday episode, is on its way to television.

At the end of the first season of the Madame Blanc Mysteries, Jean White (Sally Lindsay) found out that her husband had died in a car crash on his way back from an antique-buying trip to the picturesque village of Sainte Victoire in the south of France, and that his shady financial dealings had left her penniless.

​Jean went to Sainte Victoire (Gozo) to figure out what happened to her husband despite her fear of flying and her inability to speak French. Once there, she made friends with the locals and even aided the police chief, Caron (Alex Gaumond), in his investigations by lending his knowledge of antiques.

What we know about the new show is below. (Spoiler Alert!) 

​The return of The Madame Blanc Mysteries and its Christmas holiday episode will premiere on

Thursday, December 22 at 9pm, Channel 5 in the UK will telecast a Christmas special of the series Madame Blanc Mysteries. The second season premieres on Thursday, January 5 at 9 p.m. on Channel 5.