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Your Guide to Long Let Property Rental in Gozo.

by the Property Rental Specialists Gozo Direct.

Maybe you are planning to retire to Gozo (Malta) or possibly to emigrate, then you should think about Renting or a Long Let of a property in Gozo which of course is part of the Maltese Islands..

Gozo Direct Property Services is a specialist residential renting and letting agent, based in Gozo Malta, however we do things a little bit differently from the rest.

Gozo Direct offers a hand picked selection of apartments, villas, penthouses, Gozo Farmhouses and tastefully renovated houses of character in all areas of Gozo both for short and long term basis.

Choose Your Location in Gozo

The main villages of Gozo are Fontana Ghajnsielem, Gharb, Ghasri, Kercem, Marsalforn, Mgarr harbour, Munxar, Nadur, Qala, Sannat, Santa Lucia, St Lawrence, Victoria, Xaghra, Xewkija, Xlendi and Zebbug. The villages of Gozo all have different features which may appeal to you… From the wonderful village square of Xaghra to the busy coastal holiday destination of Marsalforn.

As everything is within easy reach, the best way is to visit each village in turn to soak up the local atmosphere.

Why doesn't Gozo Direct Real Letting Agents not have as many Rental properties listed as the rest of the local estate agents?

You may have noticed already Gozo Direct does not have the largest selection of residential rental and long let properties on the market, and there is a very good reason for this. We hand pick the best properties and the best owners who have a good track record of being fair to their tenants by the way of the price they charge for their properties and the service they give.

You may have noticed that some Reals Estate agents in Malta and Gozo will not remove the properties that have been let or sold to give the impression they have a lot of properties on their books. When you call these Real Estate agents the answer may be “sorry that apartment or house has been let but we do have an alternative”.

At Gozo Direct we do not agree with this type of tactic.

The Difference between Short Lets and Long Lets Property Rental in Gozo (Malta).

You may have had a holiday in Malta or Gozo and instead of staying in a hotel you opted for a holiday let or as we say in Malta (Gozo a short Let). The difference between long Letting Property rental is that unlike short-let accommodation, long-let prices do not include the bills such as water, electricity, and gas.

For a long Term Rental the bills are normally paid by the tenant in a long let rental lease. The price will be calculated on a monthly rate, but the price usually takes into consideration the duration of the rental period.

Rates will be according to the type of property for long term rental, location, the standard and the facilities and of course the number of bedrooms.

There are many factors that can affect the rental rate of your Long Let Property Rental. Such as does the property have a swimming pool? If so does the property include the maintenance of the pool, chemicals, and cleaning etc. Does the Long term rental (Long Let property) have air conditioning if so, is it charged separately?

Pets in Long Let Rental Property in Gozo.

Some landlords are pet friendly and are perfectly fine with a cat or small dog. The Gozitans love their animals, especially dogs. However if the Long Term Rental Property (Long Let) is a brand new property, completely furnished with new furniture etc then there is a high possibility the landlord will not let you keep a pet in the apartment. The welfare of the animal is also considered.

These are things as Long Let Property Specialists in Gozo, Gozo Direct will help you to negotiate with your landlord. To make sure your rental lease contract includes the things that are important to you as a tenant.

Gozo Directs Promise to you as a Long Let Rental Property Tenant.

Every client of Gozo Direct will be treated with respect and in a professional manner. We do not discriminate in any way on nationality, age or gender. Our years of experience of providing Real Estate s Services in the UK and Scandinavia in the past are now being applied to our extensive knowledge of the Long Let Gozo and Maltese Property Rental Market.

Our team are professionally trained and qualified to help you find the right rental property in Gozo for you and your family and help you, negotiate the best possible rental price and keep in touch with you even after you move in, to make sure that you are happy with your new home in Gozo. This is important to us, if you want to move to another property, or buy a property we already know you and can be more efficient to you in the future and of course we make more commission.. Which is the cliche of a win-win situation for all.

Gozo Direct backs this up with a 24hr, 7 days a week service.

Long lets in Malta refer to a minimum rental period of six months or more, and the most highly prized property types have become usually apartments, penthouses and the world famous Gozo farmhouses.

Malta and Gozo Property Types that Gozo Direct Lets out Long Term.

Gozo Direct usually also has a selection of luxury Resorts with swimming pools, on our books along with traditional houses of Character with traditional features such as limestone walls, arches, sweeping staircases and Gozitan tiles. We also on occasion have large Townhouses, Terraced Houses, and Maisonettes usually in Victoria, the main town of Gozo.

The Process of Renting a Long Term Property in Gozo. (Malta)

Actually renting out a long let (Rental)property in Gozo is a very simple process. There are no current restrictions on renting a property long term to those coming to the Maltese Islands, IE Gozo, for work, retirement or through residency. Which is great news!

Rental rates in Gozo in particular are reasonable compared to other parts of Western Europe, and vary depending on location, type of property, standard of furnishings , property size etc.

You will get a lot for your money here in Gozo, compared to many European countries you may have a swimming pool, ac and although gardens are limited it is rent a property long term with some outdoor space.

Long Term Rental (Long Lets) in Gozo.

According to the law the length of a Long Let here in Malta and Gozo must be a minimum of 6 months, however the majority of Landlords and owners will prefer agreements with a minimum length of one year. The way it often works is you sign a one year contract and if all goes well the owner or landlord will then make a three year contract with you.

Rates for water, electricity, internet and TV are not normally included in the rental rate; these expenses are borne by the tenant on a consumption basis. Payments are always monthly in advance and usually a deposit equivalent to one month’s rent is required by the owners on signing an agreement.

Fully Furnished Long Let Rental Property

You may have a lot of furniture and personal items of your own. Most of the most of the long let rental properties in Gozo are fully furnished, it is possible to negotiate with the landlords to consider renting out their property part or unfurnished – this can be discussed directly with the landlords.

Compared to many parts of Europe you will be amazed at what your land will provide for you, washing machine, TV, kitchenware, pots pans etc… which you may or may not need.


Gozo Directs Rental Fees and why you should use Gozo Direct in the process of Renting Your Dream Home.

As you can see there are many pitfalls in entering a rental agreement directly with a landlord. As everywhere in the world you get good owner landlords and bad ones. That's why you should trust the services of Gozo Direct Real Estate services.

You can go to facebook and rent directly from the owner, however obviously the owner will be bias towards his properties. Is it really worth the risk in entering into a contract with a stranger without the advice of an experienced Real Estate Agent such as Gozo Direct.?

Gozo is a small island and at Gozo Direct we do our best not to deal with any unfair or unscrupulous landlords. We want all parties to be happy.

The same goes for the Tenant, the landlord wants to know a little about who is moving into his or her property. That's why we ask you to fill out the information form to give us and the landlord some background information. No credit checks are made currently.

The fees Gozo Direct Real Estate agents charge for Long Let Rentals are the standard for the Maltese islands – a one off fee equivalent to 50% of the first month’s rent plus local VAT, and this is charged to both the Landlord and the Tenant on signing the Tenancy Agreement.

Should you have any further questions regarding how the letting process works please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Finale Note If You are looking to Rent a Property in Gozo Malta for a long let rental please fill in this form to help us at Gozo Direct find that property of your dreams.


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