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Gozo for those who have not got to know her yet.

Gozo, like most tranquil islands, is tiny, measuring no more than 14 by 7 kilometres (68 by 113 miles), and home to a population of less than thirty thousand. Excellent opportunities exist for both swimming and scuba diving. If you go in the spring, when the island is at its most colourful, you will also be treated to the most delightful walks. Fresh fish is the greatest way to eat well, and there are many of excellent restaurants from which to choose.

Agriculture is the main economic activity in the area. After the summer has baked the Maltese islands into a dusty brick, the verdant countryside and valleys are a pleasant sight. From the myth of Calypso trapping Odysseus for seven years in her cave above the orange sand of Ramla Bay to the transformation of an altarpiece of San Dimitri in Gharb, the villagers have endless stories to tell thanks to centuries of independence. The islanders' strong commitment to their church is an outward sign of their faith. They build up to the joyous local festas with a torque wrench of expectation for weeks, and then celebrate with more fervor and warmth than anyone else.

The ancient temples of Ggantija are significantly older than the Pyramids of Egypt, and they provide evidence that Gozo has been inhabited by a self-sufficient agricultural civilization for the past 5,500 years. The Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the Byzantines, the Romans, and lastly the Arabs were all nautical civilizations.

The Victoria Citadel, popularly known as Rabat, houses four museums, a majestic Cathedral, and breathtaking views of the entire island. The Romans built the ancient fortress, which has defensive walls from the second century.

Your own transportation is not required, although it is highly suggested. Driving is slightly less stressful than it is on Malta, and directions are better  marked.

There is a grocery store in every town, and every morning, horns blare as trucks and vans leave their lots proclaiming that the day's harvest is the greatest and freshest ever.

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