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Nadur Apartment For Long Let Exceptional Living in Nadur Gozo








Exceptional Living in Nadur, Gozo: A Haven of Peace and Elegance

Exclusively Listed with Anthony Reed

Discover the epitome of tranquil living in this exquisite three-bedroom flat nestled in the serene heart of Nadur, Gozo. A perfect blend of modern comforts and traditional charm, this property guarantees a life less ordinary.

Key Features:
Space & Light: Enjoy the luxury of space in a flat bathed in natural light, amplifying the beauty of your surroundings. Every corner, from the combined living and dining area to the spacious bedrooms, exudes warmth and elegance.

Master Suite: The expansive master bedroom, with its private en-suite, ensures your comfort is never compromised, providing an intimate haven just for you.

Gourmet Kitchen: Whether you're a culinary expert or an occasional chef, the modern kitchen with its sleek finishes serves as the heart of the home, making every meal a delightful experience.

Outdoor Living: Step out onto the generous balcony, your perfect spot for morning tea or evening reflections. The charming backyard offers additional space for relaxation or al fresco dining against a backdrop of Gozitan serenity.

Views & Surroundings: Located in a discreet block, this flat promises unhindered views that capture the true essence of Gozo. Embrace the calming vistas, and let the picturesque surroundings inspire your every day.

Modern Conveniences: Equipped with air conditioning, you can ensure your home remains a cool oasis, a refuge from the summer heat.

The Nadur Experience:
Nadur isn't just a location; it's a lifestyle. Revered for its unique blend of rustic charm and modern amenities, this village promises an authentic Gozitan experience. Immerse yourself in a community rich in culture and history, where local feasts, ancient churches, and charming eateries lie waiting to be explored. With its strategic location, the delights of Gozo – from sun-kissed beaches to historic citadels – are always within reach.

Final Words:
In the heart of Nadur, a life of peace, elegance, and unmatched beauty awaits. Let this flat be your gateway to a world where tradition meets modern comfort. For exclusive viewings and more information, trust in the unparalleled expertise of Anthony Reed

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En Suite 

This remarkable property boasts three meticulously designed bedrooms:

1. Master Suite: An expansive and tranquil space featuring an en-suite bathroom, ensuring ultimate privacy and luxury.
2. Second Bedroom Generously sized with ample natural light, offering both comfort and functionality. Perfect for family or guests.
3. Third Bedroom: Versatile and airy, suitable for a home office, guest room, or child’s sanctuary, presenting multiple lifestyle options.

Each bedroom exemplifies a harmonious blend of style and comfort, promising restful nights and invigorating mornings. Perfectly suited for a modern family, professionals, or anyone valuing space and elegance.


The kitchen stands as the heart of this exceptional home. Exuding a contemporary elegance, it's equipped with sleek finishes and modern appliances, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functionality. The layout has been thoughtfully designed to maximise workspace while offering ample storage solutions. Natural light filters in, enhancing the warm tones of the cabinetry and the gleam of the countertops. Whether preparing daily meals or hosting gourmet dinner parties, this kitchen offers a delightful culinary experience, seamlessly combining form and function for the discerning homeowner.

Lounge Dining Room

The lounge area is the epitome of relaxed sophistication. Spacious and flooded with natural light, it offers the perfect backdrop for both relaxation and entertainment. The room seamlessly blends comfort with style, featuring plush seating arrangements that invite residents to unwind. Dominating one wall is a state-of-the-art TV, perfect for movie nights, catching up on favourite shows, or enjoying a sports game. Subtle decor touches elevate the space, making it both chic and homely. Whether hosting friends for an evening or indulging in some quiet time, this lounge promises to be the heart of many memorable moments.



This bathroom effortlessly combines practicality with style, serving as a tranquil retreat within the home. The modern fixtures and fittings ensure optimum functionality, while the tasteful decor choices create a spa-like ambiance. Quality tiling covers both the floors and walls, offering easy maintenance and a touch of luxury. The shower and bathtub options cater to both quick morning routines and leisurely evening soaks. Efficient storage solutions, combined with thoughtful lighting, make daily grooming tasks a pleasure. Each element in this bathroom has been carefully selected to offer the perfect blend of comfort and elegance, ensuring a serene space for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Outside Area

The outdoor space of this property is a delightful extension of its interiors, effortlessly blending functionality with aesthetics. The generous balcony, perfect for both relaxation and entertainment, offers a vantage point from which to soak in the beauty of the Gozitan landscape, be it the golden hues of dawn or the tranquil tones of twilight. The charming backyard, secluded and serene, is a verdant oasis ideal for al fresco dining, gardening enthusiasts, or simply a quiet retreat with a book. Each aspect of this outdoor area has been thoughtfully designed to provide residents with a personal slice of Gozo's natural splendour, right at their doorstep.

Gozo Area Information


Nestled in the picturesque village of Nadur, Gozo, this stunning three-bedroom flat offers an unmatched blend of traditional charm and modern comforts. Experience the tranquillity of Gozitan life in Nadur, renowned for its cultural richness, historic landmarks, and scenic beauty. Perfectly located to explore sun-kissed beaches, ancient churches, and delightful eateries, this property serves as an ideal gateway to everything Gozo has to offer. Dive into a lifestyle where rustic allure meets contemporary elegance in the heart of one of Gozo's most cherished villages.

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