Gozo Properties For Sale Direct From Owner

For Sale By Owner Properties in Gozo, Is it worth the trouble?

The For Sale By Owner method in Gozo is - "The process of selling properties without the representation of a traditional estate agent.

Homeowners might engage the services of marketing or online property directories or choose to market their own property. They do not pay an estate agents commission and do their best to represent themselves with the help of a local Maltese or Gozitan lawyer or Solicitor throughout the sale."

Selling your property in Gozo Privately, or more commonly referred to as the 'For Sale By Owner' or No Agent Property Sale method, has taken off in Malta & Europe in recent years. As a result, Gozo property owners each year opt to Sell their Gozo Homes online.

Listing your Home For Sale By Owner in Gozo is legal, incredibly easy.

However, is it the best solution?

Here are 4 other reasons why in my opinion, using an agent will help to sell a property in Gozo make the most money in the shortest time when selling their homes in Gozo or Malta:

1. A Gozo Estate agent could increase the potential profit. That is a fact.

Many people avoid using an estate agent to make more profit on the sale of their property. However, statically, Estate agents often achieve a far higher selling price than homeowners selling the Gozo property themselves. This is an attempt to avoid paying Estate agents commission. The sellers sometimes lose hard-earned money during the negotiation process.

"Often, the selling price an agent achieves for the Gozo Property is more than enough to cover their commission and more. So how do agents do this?

Agents have the experience and resources to price the Gozo property appropriately. They do this by expertise in the market and by comparing the many other properties for sale and that have been sold.

Studies in Europe show that if homes are correctly priced when listed, they will sell faster and more accessible than those listed at unrealistic prices.

2. Gozo Estate Agents definitely save time and money.

It is a quick process to list a Gozo apartment, farmhouse or townhouse online, but that isn't where the sales process ends.

A lot of valuable time is spent dealing with potential buyers. It is an estate agent's job to handle all of these things so that the seller doesn't have to.

An experienced agent can also screen potential buyers, stop time wasters, help sellers prepare for home visits, and ensure that the whole sales process is handled efficiently and without the stress associated with property buying and selling.

3. The Negotiation skills of agents

Agents make deals and negotiate every day of their lives, so they will likely get a better deal for the seller than they would be making the sale themselves.

A property sale is probably one of the biggest deals that a seller will make in their lives, so why not use a seasoned professional with honed negotiating skills? Such as Gozo.Direct.

Listing a Gozo property with an estate agent also means that the seller will get the agent's best marketing power and access to their network and Gozo connections.

4. Using an agent lowers the seller's risk

Making a mistake while selling a home in Gozo could mean dealing with the possible disastrous legal consequences. Selling a home in Malta & Gozo is a complicated procedure that involves a lot of paperwork.

An experienced agent will know the ins and outs of what is required and how it needs to be addressed.

That's Where Gozo.Direct Comes in. Listing with Gozo Direct is your best way forward.

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