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A Timeless Treasure in Munxar, Gozo: The Perfect Blend of History and Investment. Farmhouse For Sale


A Timeless Treasure in Munxar, Gozo: The Perfect Blend of History and Investment

690,000 Euro

In the verdant hills and rustic charm of Munxar, Gozo, lies a gem that seamlessly merges history with modernity. Anthony Reed is proud to introduce a property that's not just a luxurious residence but also an unparalleled investment opportunity. Dive into a 19th-century country house, which, while rooted in the past, promises a fruitful future.

Dwelling in Historical Grandeur:

From Barns to Brilliance: Originally a collection of barns overlooking a ravine, this property has been artistically transformed. While it embodies 19th-century charm, the farmhouse is decked with contemporary amenities for a lavish lifestyle.

Space and Splendor: Spread over 180 sqm, the farmhouse promises spaciousness. With 100 sqm solely dedicated to an enticing outdoor pool area, feel the grandeur at every corner.

A Peek into the Property’s Elegance:

Inviting Interiors: Access the house via a secluded alley leading to a front courtyard. Inside, find a modern kitchen, spacious dining, storage room, and an air-conditioned living room that overlooks the sun-kissed pool deck.

Luxurious Bedrooms: The first floor houses three air-conditioned double bedrooms, each echoing luxury with en-suite facilities.

Sustainable Living: Go green with 10 solar panels on the roof, harnessing Gozo's abundant sunshine for your needs.

Unique Selling Points: Proven Investment Opportunity

Outstanding History: This isn't just any farmhouse. It has been utilized as a holiday home and has garnered outstanding reviews. A testimony to its excellence, guests have consistently sung praises of their stay.

Ideal for Rentals: Given its stellar reputation, the farmhouse is primed for platforms like Airbnb and Whether you're looking to cater to weekend travelers or long-term tourists, this property is an investor's dream.

Immediate Move-In or Rent: Fully furnished and exuding a warm, welcoming vibe, it's ready for occupancy, be it personal or for guests.

Location Advantages:

Tax Incentives: Located in a UCA zero-tax area, it's not just a beautiful home but also a savvy investment.

Serene Surroundings: Munxar offers peace, tradition, and scenic beauty. Guests and residents alike will be captivated by its charm.

Embrace Gozo's Magic with Anthony Reed

This is more than a property; it's a piece of history and a golden ticket for discerning investors.

Connect Today: +356 79268080

WhatsApp: +356 79268080

Discover the allure of Gozo, Munxar, and invest in a future filled with returns, both in experience and finances. Anthony Reed is your compass to this lucrative journey. Together, let's create history.

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