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Presenting a contemporary 3-bedroom apartment located in the serene and picturesque region of Qala, Gozo. Marketed by the diligent Anthony Reed of Gozo Direct, this apartment is a testament to modern living harmoniously blended with comfort.

Upon entering, one is greeted by a spacious, open-plan living and dining area, bathed in natural light thanks to the generous windows that also offer breathtaking views of the surrounding Gozitan landscape. The living space is defined by a chic aesthetic, with sleek furniture that complements the clean lines and minimalist design.

The kitchen, adjacent to the dining area, is a marvel of modern engineering, equipped with high-end appliances, ample storage, and a central island that doubles as a casual dining or prep area. Each detail has been considered to ensure a seamless culinary experience.

The apartment boasts three well-appointed bedrooms, each offering a sanctuary of relaxation with their muted color palettes and thoughtful furnishing. The master suite includes an en-suite bathroom, ensuring privacy and convenience.

Comfort is not compromised in any aspect of this apartment. The family bathroom features a walk-in shower, characterized by contemporary fixtures and a soothing, neutral colour scheme that creates an atmosphere of a personal spa.

Stepping outside, the property's balcony is the perfect retreat to enjoy the warm, Mediterranean climate, offering a tranquil space to relax or entertain guests, with views that stretch to the azure horizon.

This apartment not only provides a luxurious living space but also situates residents in the heart of Gozo's charm, with local amenities, cultural spots, and natural beauty all within easy reach.

Anthony Reed at Gozo Direct awaits to guide you through every step of acquiring this gem of Gozitan real estate, promising an abode where elegance meets everyday living.

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En Suite 

Within this modern apartment in Qala, Gozo, the bedrooms offer a restful retreat with their sleek design and thoughtful layouts. The main bedroom, captured in the second image, is a masterclass in utilising space, boasting a large window draped with tasteful curtains that filter in soft, natural light. The contemporary bed, with its wooden frame, sits comfortably in the room, accompanied by matching, modern grey-toned furniture that provides ample storage without compromising on style.

The additional bedroom, shown in the third image, is perfect for guests or can be adapted to a home office or study. It features a bright and welcoming ambience with access to a delightful balcony through glass doors, inviting the outside in and offering a slice of the Gozitan landscape. The minimalist approach to furniture, including a simple yet elegant bed and a stylish drawer unit, leaves the room feeling spacious and tranquil.

Both bedrooms are designed with a neutral colour palette, echoing the apartment's modern aesthetic, creating an atmosphere that promotes relaxation and calm. They reflect the property's overarching theme of contemporary elegance, marrying functionality with a sense of serenity that’s desired in a home. These rooms are not just places to sleep; they are personal sanctuaries where one can unwind, reflect, and rejuvenate.


This state-of-the-art kitchen seamlessly marries functional design with modern aesthetics, creating a central hub that's both welcoming and practical for culinary pursuits. The first image captures a sleek, fully equipped kitchen, with high-gloss cabinetry reflecting the natural light that pours in from the nearby windows. An integrated oven and microwave are smartly embedded within the cabinetry, maximizing space without compromising on accessibility.

The centrepiece is the large, versatile island, perfect for informal dining or additional preparation space, which is complemented by high stools that promise a social cooking experience. Overhead, the contemporary pendant lighting adds a touch of sophistication, illuminating the area with a warm glow.

In the second image, the hob is elegantly integrated into the countertop, with an overhead extractor that ensures a clean and odour-free environment. The neutral colour palette, punctuated by the subtle contrast of the cabinets and work surfaces, enhances the sense of space, making it a truly inviting area for cooking, socializing, and creating memories.

Every element of this kitchen has been thoughtfully selected to offer convenience and style, ensuring that it stands as the heart of the home, promising not just meals, but moments to be cherished.

Lounge Dining Room

This modern lounge area exudes comfort and style, providing the perfect setting for relaxation and entertainment. In the first image, the room is defined by its spaciousness and the abundance of natural light streaming in through the large glass doors that frame a picturesque view of the distant sea, seamlessly blending indoor comfort with the beauty of the Gozitan landscape.

The seating arrangement, featuring plush sofas in a rich brown fabric, invites you to unwind and enjoy the serene environment. The sleek, low-profile coffee table in the centre of the room complements the contemporary aesthetic, while the muted tones of the decor allow the stunning outdoor scenery to take centre stage.

In the second image, the focus is on the functionality and leisure that the space provides. A modern television set, flanked by tasteful storage solutions, ensures that this lounge is equipped for both relaxation and entertainment. The layout of the room is open and inviting, promoting a flow of conversation and interaction, whether it's family movie nights or casual gatherings with friends.

The third image highlights the lounge's harmonious blend of dining and living spaces, with a dining area that benefits from the room's airy feel and natural illumination. The sleek dining table and comfortable chairs stand ready for intimate meals or lively dinner parties.

Every detail, from the soft lighting to the selection of art that adds a touch of color and personality to the room, has been carefully considered to create an ambience of relaxed sophistication. This lounge is not just a part of a home; it's a versatile space where every moment becomes a cherished memory.



Outside Area

Balcony with glass

Gozo Area Information


Qala is the easternmost village on the idyllic island of Gozo, Malta's serene sister island. Known for its panoramic seascape, Qala exudes a blend of cultural heritage and natural beauty. The village overlooks the azure waters of the Mediterranean, including the islands of Malta and Comino, offering stunning views that are arguably some of the best on the island.

The village is steeped in history, with various archaeological sites dotting the area, including the prehistoric remains of megalithic temples. The central square is a hub of local activity, hosting a charming array of shops, traditional bars, and restaurants that boast local and international cuisine, providing residents and visitors with a taste of Gozitan hospitality.

Qala is celebrated for its peaceful environment, making it a favoured destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The village is surrounded by unspoilt countryside, perfect for hiking, cycling, and outdoor adventures. Among its natural treasures is the secluded Dahlet Qorrot Beach, a small pebbly cove that's perfect for swimming, snorkelling, and diving, thanks to the clear waters and interesting marine life.

The community in Qala is close-knit and friendly, often gathering for village feasts and cultural celebrations that are a vibrant part of Gozo's identity. The festa of St. Joseph is the highlight of the village's calendar, where locals and visitors alike enjoy a blend of religious processions, fireworks, and festivities.

For those interested in long-term stays, Qala offers a tranquil yet engaging lifestyle. Its proximity to the Gozo Ferry makes it conveniently accessible, while its distance from the more tourist-centric areas ensures peace and privacy. The combination of Qala’s traditional Gozitan charm, modern amenities, and stunning natural surroundings make it a desirable location for anyone looking to settle in Gozo.

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