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Long Let

3 Bed Sea Views High Standard

Marsalforn 3 Bed Luxury Apartment With Wonderful Sea Views






950 PM

**For Long Let: Luxury Seafront Apartment in Marsalforn, Gozo**


Step into a realm of unparalleled luxury and comfort with this exquisite three-bedroom apartment on the serene shores of Marsalforn, Gozo. Perfectly nestled in the tranquil Zebbug neighbourhood, this residence is the ideal choice for those seeking a premium long-term stay, offering impeccable amenities and unmatched views.


**Property Highlights:**

- **Prime Location:** Situated on the peaceful outskirts of Marsalforn, with the bustling centre just a brief stroll away. Embrace the calm surroundings of Zebbug while being a stone's throw from the vibrant heart of Marsalforn.

- **Spectacular Views:** Indulge in the mesmerising vistas of the Mediterranean Sea from the grand terrace. Additionally, the common areas unveil enchanting glimpses of Gozo's lush countryside.

- **Modern Interiors:** Three expansive, sunlight-bathed bedrooms and two state-of-the-art bathrooms, including a master en-suite.

- **Living Excellence:** An open-concept living and dining space ensures unforgettable gatherings, complemented by a top-tier, fully-equipped kitchen.

- **Premium Comforts:**
- Full air conditioning ensures year-round comfort.
- High-quality fixtures and finishes throughout the apartment showcase an uncompromised attention to detail.

**Experience Gozitan Elegance**

Embrace this unique chance to immerse in the finest aspects of Gozitan living. Whether it's the soothing sound of the waves, captivating seafront sunsets, or the dynamic culture of Marsalforn's community, this apartment promises an unparalleled living experience.

For inquiries or to schedule a viewing, please contact Anthony Reed at Gozo Direct.

Property ID:
Property Type
Price €
En-Suite Bedrooms
Construction Stage
Year Built
Gozo Village
Internal Size
Plot Size
Property Standard
Swimming Pool
Pet Friendly
950 PM
Long Let
Fully Furnished
Sea Unobstructed


En Suite 

**Cosy Bedroom Retreat in Marsalforn, Gozo**

Step into this cosy bedroom, a tranquil escape designed for relaxation. Light and inviting, the room benefits from abundant natural daylight, creating a warm ambiance ideal for unwinding.

**Comfortable and Practical:** Furnished with a plush bed, generous storage, and air-conditioning, every detail ensures restful nights and streamlined mornings.

**Understated Elegance:** Subtle hues and minimalist decor offer a serene, restful backdrop, making it the perfect haven after a day out in Marsalforn.


**Stylish Open-Plan Kitchen in Marsalforn, Gozo**

Delight in a culinary experience in this open-plan kitchen, expertly designed to combine both form and function. Bright and modern, the space is a blend of top-tier amenities and elegant aesthetics.

**Sweeping Views:** Positioned to perfection, the kitchen offers unobstructed views that serve as a dynamic backdrop, adding a touch of nature's splendour to your cooking adventures. Whether you're brewing morning tea or preparing a hearty meal, the ever-changing vistas are sure to inspire and uplift.

**Integrated Design:** Seamlessly flowing into the living and dining areas, the open layout promotes easy interaction and shared moments, making it an ideal setting for both entertaining guests and everyday family life.

**Contemporary Finish:** Every detail, from the sleek countertops to the modern appliances, speaks of quality and style, ensuring a delightful and efficient cooking experience in the heart of Marsalforn.

Lounge Dining Room

**Elegant Open-Plan Lounge in Marsalforn, Gozo**

Step into a haven of relaxation and style with this open-plan lounge, beautifully curated to offer both comfort and elegance. As the heart of the home, it invites moments of leisure, connection, and admiration.

**Panoramic Views:** Floor-to-ceiling windows frame the room, allowing residents to indulge in breathtaking vistas from the comfort of their sofa. The ever-changing landscapes, from the azure waters of the Mediterranean to the tranquil Gozitan countryside, provide a dynamic and inspiring backdrop for every moment spent in this space.

**Seamless Integration:** The lounge effortlessly flows into the adjacent areas, promoting a sense of openness and cohesion. This open design ensures both easy movement and an inclusive atmosphere, perfect for gatherings or quiet evenings in.

**Sophisticated Comfort:** Plush furnishings, paired with tasteful decor, strike a balance between luxury and homeliness. Every detail, from the soft textures to the ambient lighting, has been thoughtfully selected to create a lounge space that feels both upscale and inviting.



**Modern Bathroom Oasis**

Discover a blend of style and function in this contemporary bathroom. Designed with modern living in mind, it offers an environment where daily rituals become moments of rejuvenation.

**Sleek Finishes:** The bathroom boasts high-quality fixtures and fittings, reflecting a minimalist aesthetic that's both timeless and elegant. Clean lines and polished surfaces ensure a look that's consistently sophisticated.

**Spacious and Practical:** Ample space allows for ease of movement, while intelligent storage solutions ensure all your essentials are within reach yet neatly tucked away.

**Ambient Setting:** Thoughtful lighting choices create a soothing ambiance, perfect for unwinding with a warm bath or getting energised for the day ahead.

**Harmonious Design:** Neutral tones and subtle textures come together in a harmonious palette, making the bathroom a serene retreat that complements any home.

Outside Area


Gozo Area Information

**Marsalforn, Gozo: A Peaceful Haven**

Situated on Gozo's northern coast, Marsalforn is a gem that perfectly encapsulates the island's serene charm and rich heritage. This particular area of Marsalforn is even more special, nestled in its quieter part, away from the usual hustle and bustle.

**Tranquil Surroundings:** While Marsalforn is known for its vibrant mix of eateries, shops, and beach activities, this corner offers residents a slice of tranquility. The gentle lapping of waves and soft whispers of coastal winds provide a daily soundtrack, inviting moments of reflection and relaxation.

**Natural Beauty:** The region boasts spectacular coastal views that change with every passing hour. From the first light of dawn painting the Mediterranean waters to the golden hues of sunset, the sights are nothing short of mesmerising. With the picturesque backdrop of the Gozitan countryside, the beauty of the area is unparalleled.

**Accessible Convenience:** Though settled in a peaceful part of Marsalforn, residents are never too far from conveniences. A short, pleasant walk can lead you to the heart of Marsalforn where a myriad of restaurants, cafes, and shops await. Whether you're in the mood for a sumptuous seafood feast, a leisurely coffee by the bay, or a shopping spree for local crafts, it's all within reach.

**Rich Heritage:** Marsalforn is steeped in history and folklore. The area has been a haven for fishermen for centuries, and their tales echo in the gentle rhythm of the town. Ancient salt pans, historical diving spots, and old churches add to the rich tapestry of experiences.

Choose Marsalforn's quiet part for a harmonious blend of serenity and convenience, offering an authentic Gozitan experience like no other.

Contact Agent

Anthony Reed

If you would like more information on a property or book a viewing please make a note of the Ref. Number and use one of the methods below or call me on 

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