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Property For Sale in Gozo

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Property for Sale in Gozo with Gozo Direct

The real estate market in Gozo is just as attractive as that in Malta whether you are looking to buy a vacation house or permanent residence there. Buying a piece of Gozo is an attractive option for several reasons. It is a beautiful respite from the frantic pace of life in Malta, thanks to its serenity and attractive setting. Maltese and non-Maltese alike have long found Gozo to be an ideal weekend or extended vacation getaway.

Real Estate in Gozo Property for Sale in Gozo

You can not go wrong by investing in real estate on the island of Gozo. The real estate market in Gozo has traditionally been strong. This is due to the fact that one can choose a house to buy that suits their needs and their budget among the many options now on the market. Further, Gozo offers a more diverse selection of residential real estate for sale than Malta does. Because of this, Gozo is a great spot to find your ideal home. 

Property for Sale in Gozo Continued

The price of real estate in Gozo is significantly less than in neighbouring Malta at this time. Property in Gozo, which is currently experiencing a real estate boom, can be said to be less expensive than similar offerings in Malta. In some areas of Gozo, for instance, you can buy a townhouse or a farmhouse with a pool for the same price as an apartment in Malta. As a result, it is fair to say that Gozo is rife with bargains and deals on real estate of all kinds.

Searching Gozo Directs property listings is a good first step if you are looking for the hottest homes in Gozo, but a Gozo Direct agent in Gozo is your best bet for expert guidance on real estate investments in Gozo.

The benefits of purchasing real estate in Gozo

In Gozo, you can choose from a variety of desirable real estate options. There is something for everyone on this beautiful island, whether their preference is for the modern, traditional, cozy, or minimalist. Gozo's old townhouses and farmhouses, however, have attracted many visitors over the years thanks to their skillful conversion to include all the modern conveniences, including private swimming pools. For sale homes in Gozo that are currently on the market include:

Apartments Property for Sale in Gozo 

Apartments for sale in Gozo are always in high demand because of the island's convenient location and the country's relatively low property prices. Whatever your needs and price range, you can find a suitable apartment.

Townhouses Property for Sale in Gozo 

Gozitan townhouses typically have a small lawn and a balcony in the style of Maltese architecture. They are perfect for any young couple or family in Malta, thanks to their spacious interiors, quiet surroundings, and proximity to local services.

Housing complexes on the island of Gozo

Farmhouses Property for Sale in Gozo 

If you are looking to buy a home on Gozo, you should know that the farmhouses there are some of the most sought-after homes available. You will discover they offer a ton of great amenities and, depending on the size, enough of room for a swimming pool or other beautiful gathering spots.

Insights about Gozo real estate and why you should consider buying there

Why Should You Invest in Gozo Real Estate? Gozo real estate is a great investment for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, Malta and Gozo have a very stable and fashionable real estate market thanks to their thriving economy and steady intake of immigrants. You are making an exceptionally wise financial decision by investing in a home on Gozo.

A Profitable Investment With a Return Property for Sale in Gozo

If you want to rent out the home throughout the year, your return on investment might be anywhere from 5 to 8 percent. 

In addition, first-time purchasers and investors in Gozo real estate can take advantage of a number of government programs.

Environment of Gozo Property for Sale in Gozo

The true motivation, though, to invest in Gozo real estate is the island's endearing and one-of-a-kind character. As it has remained mostly unchanged for decades, Gozo's relaxed pace of life and breathtaking natural beauty make it an enticing vacation destination. All this, plus the warmth and hospitality of the local Gozitans, makes for an unforgettable vacation. To learn more, check out our article listing the top 9 causes to invest in real estate on the island of Gozo.

Possibilities for EU and non-EU buyers of real estate in Gozo

Similarly to Malta, Gozo has simplified and secured the property acquisition process for international clients. Many people who visit the stunning landscape of Gozitan and experience the easygoing way of life declare that they cannot imagine retiring anywhere else. Before making a real estate purchase in Gozo, both EU and non-EU citizens should learn more about the process by reading the available information.

Citizen of the European Union Property for Sale in Gozo

A European Union citizen who has lived in Malta and Gozo continuously for at least five years and who does not intend to leave the country may acquire more than one immovable property without any special permission or licensing requirements. Similarly, under Chapter 246, if you are an EU citizen but have not lived in Malta for at least five years, you do not need a permission to buy a primary house on the island (take up residence in Malta and Gozo). Buying real estate that is strictly necessary for the operation of your business or the provision of your services does not necessitate a license.

Person not a member of the European Union Property for Sale in Gozo

If you are not a European Union citizen, you need not worry; you can still buy a home in Gozitan. It is possible to buy property in Gozo with an AIP (Acquisition of Immovable Property) permission, but only if the purchase price exceeds a certain threshold. Minimum prices are set differently for each form of real estate. It typically  takes the Ministry of Finance 6-8 weeks to issue an AIP.

Property for Sale in Gozo Search the Gozo Direct Data Base.

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