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Luxury Bungalow to Rent in Gharb Gozo

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

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1600 Euro Per Month New On The Market!

**Discover Paradise: A 3-Bedroom Luxury Bungalow in Gharb, Gozo**

**Gozo Direct Presents: The Pinnacle of Mediterranean Living**

🌅 Dive into a lifestyle you've only dreamt of!

Located in the rustic charm of Gharb village, this luxurious bungalow is a fusion of traditional Gozitan architecture with a touch of modern flair. Here's what it offers:

🛏 **Three Sumptuous Bedrooms**: Wake up to the serenity of Gharb in spacious rooms designed for maximum comfort and style. Each bedroom tells a story of elegance, making every morning feel like a refreshing Mediterranean breeze.

🏊 **An Enchanting Large Pool**: Dive into sheer bliss! This pool isn't just a feature; it's a statement. Whether you fancy a tranquil evening dip or a vibrant weekend splash, this pool caters to all your moods.

🌳 **A Haven of Peace**: Nestled in Gharb, one of Gozo’s most picturesque villages, you are not just renting a home. You’re embarking on a journey of tranquility, away from the hustle and bustle, yet connected to all modern amenities.

💰 **Affordable Luxury**: At just €1600 a month, this paradise is within reach. A small price to pay for a lifetime of unforgettable moments.

**Why This Bungalow?**

Beyond its stunning features, this bungalow represents a lifestyle. A chance to reconnect with nature, dive into the local culture, and live every day like a vacation. It's more than a property; it's an experience waiting to be embraced.

📞 **Take the Leap!**

Words and pictures can only do so much. Experience the magic in person. Schedule your private viewing today and get a step closer to living your Mediterranean dream. With Gozo Direct, we make dreams come true.

*Don't just dream it. Live it.*

Contact Gozo Direct NOW and witness luxury redefined!

Anthony Reed +356 79268080

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