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A Guide to Buying or Letting a Gozo Farmhouse

Gozo, Malta's smaller sister island, is a Mediterranean gem with unrivaled natural beauty and a people renowned for their hospitality and culinary skills. In today's fast-paced and chaotic world, it's no wonder that people are seeking the restorative effects of a tranquil setting. Gozo's rural setting, with its breathtaking shores and cliffs and largely untouched villages, makes it an ideal getaway from the stresses of modern life, and this is not lost on the island's Maltese nearest neighbours or on visitors from other countries, who enjoy the island's tranquility and the opportunities for outdoor activities, such as island trekking, underwater sports, and traditional village feasts.

Gozo Direct can make this dream a reality by connecting people looking for homes on Gozo with people selling or renting out their beautiful and unique farmhouses on the island, some of which date back to the 1600s.

Houses in Gozo's Rural Past

Gozitan farmhouses (Maltese: razzett) are aesthetically similar to their Maltese counterparts, with the main difference being their geographic placement. Houses like these, which are typically found in rural areas and boast stunning vistas of the surrounding countryside or the ocean, would have been prime targets for marauding pirates due to their isolated locations; as a result, they were strategically built with few windows, thick walls, and close proximity to other farms to discourage attacks.

Double Duty at the Gozo Farmhouse

The traditional Gozo Farmhouse was both a home and a working farm for the farmer and his family. Sheep, goats, cattle, and donkeys were kept in the basement to provide a primitive form of underfloor heating for the living quarters on the second story. Those unfamiliar with the infamous heat of the Maltese islands may be surprised to learn that this was a much-desired feature during the winter, when the interiors of these homes turned bone-chillingly cold due to the retained humidity in the limestone walls.

Gozo Direct would be happy to assist you in finding one of these lovely Gozo farmhouses, many of which still feature remnants of their original configuration (such as wall-carved mangers).

In-Depth Analysis of Classic Farmhouses

Farmhouses on the island of Gozo, like many ancient Maltese dwellings, are delightfully eccentric, full of nooks and crannies around every corner, rustic arches and wooden beams, and internal courtyards with one or more external staircases leading to the upper floor. While the upper floors of smaller homes typically only feature one room (once used for airing hay), larger homes typically feature multiple rooms (added over time) to accommodate growing families. Women traditionally constructed the clay roofs known as ballata, and birthing chambers (alcoves in which the woman of the house gave birth with the assistance of a doula or midwife) are two other notable features.

Houses in the country versus those in the city

Gozitan farmhouses and villas both feature traditional Gozitan materials, design, and architecture, but villas are more recent to the island and feature a more modern and minimalist aesthetic. Still, most farmhouses in Gozo have had all the necessary upgrades done to facilitate modern living while still retaining their original features. Because of this, those looking for a truly Gozitan experience should stay in a farmhouse; however, both types of accommodations are typically quite roomy, feature beautiful views of the sea or countryside, and come with their own private outdoor pools. Some even have the luxury of an indoor pool and/or jacuzzi!

Homes for sale in rural Gozo

Many people are enticed by the idea of purchasing one of the many stunning Gozo farmhouses because of the sense of history that comes with it. Buyers can choose between working with an intermediary and buying from the owner directly. Whether the desired outcome is a newly constructed farmhouse that respects traditional craftsmanship and materials, an original yet restored farmhouse, or the rare unrestored Gozo farmhouse, Excel Homes is proud to be able to facilitate this process by connecting the client with the appropriate architect to take on the massive yet delicate task of restoring the building to modern standards.

Various Kinds of Customers

Invest in a Permanent Home

Buyers of these one-of-a-kind homes in Gozo are often non-native speakers who plan to make the island their permanent home.

Invest in a Vacation Home

These purchasers are typically Maltese, who value the opportunity to escape the bustle of Malta for a few days in the peaceful Gozitan countryside. Expats retiring to Gozo often choose a historic home because of the island's relaxed atmosphere and year-round pleasant climate.

People who buy farmhouses on Gozo typically live there and intend to rent them out to Maltese and foreign tourists via popular booking sites or real estate agencies.


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